We invite you to join us for a Leadership Development Book Discussion Group. Together we will read a chapter or two every month and get together to discuss how this information applies to our industry and our teams or work situations. Several of the meetings will be in-person, typically over lunch, while others will be hosted through a conference call or webinar.

The book we have selected this year is, "The Effective Manager" by Mark Horstman and was just released earlier this year. You can read a sample here.

If you lead a team as an Executive, Manager, or involved in Sales, Project Management, etc. this book should have something for you! In fact, here's some feedback from one of our members who helped review book options.

“Even after reading an excerpt of the Effective Manager it made me stop and think. Although you know you have to get results it is always the first description of a good manager that you think of… [it] really applies to all levels of employees. Even in sales this provides good ideas for the sales representative, especially.” – Thomas Barnett, President, Weisler & Associates, Inc.

Proposed Schedule
Book has 14 Chapters and is about 185 pages.

- By mid-November, read Ch. 1-2 (appx 25 pages)
- No meeting/discussion in Dec.
- By mid-January, read Ch. 3-4 (appx 30 pages)
- By mid-February, read Ch. 5-6 (appx 50 pages)
- By mid-March, read Ch. 7 (appx 25 pages)
- By mid-April, read Ch. 8-9 (appx 20 pages)
- By mid-May, read Ch. 10-11 (appx 20 pages)
- By mid-June, read Ch. 12-14 (appx 20 pages) -- FINISHED!

Note: We may update the schedule if there is group consensus.

To learn more about the book and order your copy go to:

Look forward to having you learn with us this year!

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Nick Erickson
ISA St. Louis Section President
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