Nov. 2020 – The Results Are In! – ISA St. Louis Section

You heard me right, the results are final with all votes tallied.

No, no, no … not those results. After the required 2-week voting period, we are pleased to announce the acceptance of the proposed By-Laws. With a vote of 89% of the vote in favor, the new By-Laws are now in place.

Link to New By-Laws (log-on required):

As the one Board member who has now been through 2 of these, let me say that this task of updating By-Laws is no easy feat. This was my top priority coming into the President’s role again and am pleased that we were able to accomplish this change within the first several months. However, I am owed zero credit. Ed Biggs and Nick Erickson did the heavy lifting here. With support from Andrea and Rachel at the ISA, we were able to take work that Nick had been doing over the past 4 years and Ed had been doing over the past 2 to craft a document that we felt confident in carrying us forward. We are now in the process of informing the ISA of the official change.

Moving forward we will operate the structure of the board and committees as prescribed in the By-Laws. Our tasks and how we perform them will be defined in a new living document that allows for flexibility in our duties without breaking the structure of the organization. We will be spending time writing and refining this document throughout the rest of the Program Year.

I want to thank everyone who participate in our discussions, asked questions, and voted throughout this entire process. If you are interested in volunteering or sitting in on an upcoming Board meeting, please let us know. As a Section Member, your participation and enthusiasm are always welcome.

Please continue to stay in touch via ISAConnect and – we are in the process of planning our last program of calendar 2020 and our annual social event – Holiday Happy Hour (this year to be held virtually).


Cory N. Kniepp

ISA St. Louis Section, President

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Oct. 2020 - Notice of Proposed By-law Changes – ISA St. Louis Section

Per the current Constitution and By-Laws (amended April 4, 2009) the current Section Board has the made the required resolution to update our Section’s Constitution and By-Laws. The proposed change will become effective immediately if two-thirds of the ballots received at the end of a two-week period from the date of submittal, are in favor of the change. As a non-profit, we also must update the State of Missouri of any approved changes.

The Board unanimously recommends the proposed changes.

Below is a brief Q&A explaining the nature of these changes:

Can we review the proposed changes?

Yes! Links to the current document and proposed document are below.

Link to Current:

Link to Proposed (log-on required):

Where and when do I vote?

Voting will be open from Saturday October 17th thru the Saturday October 31st in the Member Area of (member log-on required) via this link: (Please note this link is only available during 10/17-10/31). Results will be published via email on November 4th.

Who is eligible to vote?

All members in good-standing with the ISA St. Louis Section may vote. If you have trouble accessing the web vote, please contact [email protected] to confirm membership and for updated website credentials.

Who is affected by this proposed change?

Ever ISA Member of the St. Louis Section.

Why is the Section Board resolving to change the current document?

Over the past 11 years, many transformative changes have taken place at the Society level as well as how our Section conducts business and programs. It is our goal to be a completely inclusive Section of all our Members, and one small change we are making is dropping gender-specific pronouns from all documentation. One major cue we are taking from the Society as well as our peer Sections is to separate our Business Processes and Procedures from our By-Laws. The By-Laws will be a legal record of how our Organization is structured and will continue to require Membership approval to change. The Business Process and Procedure document will be a living document that the Board uses to define and delegate tasks amongst the Board members.

Why now?

The ISA is also updating their By-Laws and Business Practices. We are using this time to update our Section’s documents to be in lockstep with the Society and their changes.

What process was used to make these recommended changes?

This process dates back to 2016 when the then Board identified the need to update the By-Laws. While several revisions were suggested, the Board declined resolution with knowledge that the ISA was also soon to revise the Society By-Laws. Jump forward to 2020, and with the Society revision moving toward a vote, we felt it was the right time to use the previous proposed revisions alongside with guidance from the ISA to undertake this change. During the September Board meeting, a motion to start a By-Law committee was passed. Nick Erickson (Chair), Ed Biggs, Mike Unterreiner, Cory Kniepp, and Hycintia Subbash made up this committee. This committee met throughout September to go over each item in the proposed document and utilized resources from the ISA Society office as guidance in creating the proposed document.

If the Proposed Document passes, when does it become effective?

Immediately. We will work quickly to file the new By-Laws with the ISA and with the State of Missouri.

What if it doesn’t pass?

We will continue to operate under the current By-Laws.

What if I have additional questions?

Please contact any Board Member via


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September 2020 – To Connect or Not Connect, That is the Question

Email, Instant Messenger, Websites, Cell Phones, SMS, MySpace, WebEx, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Zoom, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, and I am sure a whole list of others. To think, when I got my first email address ([email protected] in case you are curious, and yes I still have boxes in my basement filled with various Pez Dispensers and Pez-related items) most of those things I mentioned would have just sounded like nonsense words. Heck, I might argue that even today a lot of it is all complete nonsense.

There are a lot of ways we have connected virtually over the last 25 years or so with a lot of the focus now shifting to social media platforms. You see, I am not the biggest fan of social media, having opted almost 10 years ago to socially distance myself from most social media – limiting my use to Twitter and LinkedIn primarily for professional reasons. So, when ISA announced ISAConnect, the latest way to interact with other ISA members, I was torn.

In case you haven’t heard, ISAConnect just launched about a week ago. In fact, the whole website was completely refreshed. If you haven’t been to in a while, I encourage you to go check out all the changes. That is, after you are done reading this top notch blog.

“What is ISAConnect?” you might be asking (well if you weren’t, you definitely are now). ISAConnect is an exclusive online community for ISA members to network, learn, and get involved with the ISA, and in this time of working remotely and virtual meetings – a much needed resource to learn about the latest in automation. Here are just a few of the ISAConnect features as listed at  

  • Engage in technical discussions
  • Access technical knowledge available anytime, any place!
  • Tag and locate posts by industry topic
  • Enjoy personalized notifications based on your interests
  • Build your professional network
  • Search the Member Directory
  • Add peers as contacts
  • Connect with sections and divisions
  • Stay up-to-date on programs and activities
  • Discover opportunities to volunteer and get involved
  • Enhance your personal profile
  • Add your story, your interests, and your accolades
  • Build your volunteer and expert profiles to learn about and be matched with opportunities


Ok Cory, what is up with the sales pitch from a guy who isn’t “the biggest fan of social media”? Well, to be honest, I was not on board at first, but I have spent the past few days poking around and am excited for the possibilities. ISAConnect promises to be a safe online community focused on advancing our education of all things automation. ISAConnect will help connect our Section to new resources that we can share with the local automation community. I do encourage you to take ISAConnect for a quick test drive. I am sure you will see many of the benefits that I see in this exciting new tool from ISA.

For anyone interested, which should be everyone by now, there is a quick start guide here: ISAConnect Guide

Let’s ISAConnect Soon!


Cory N. Kniepp

ISA St. Louis - President

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