September 2020 – To Connect or Not Connect, That is the Question

Email, Instant Messenger, Websites, Cell Phones, SMS, MySpace, WebEx, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Zoom, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, and I am sure a whole list of others. To think, when I got my first email address ([email protected] in case you are curious, and yes I still have boxes in my basement filled with various Pez Dispensers and Pez-related items) most of those things I mentioned would have just sounded like nonsense words. Heck, I might argue that even today a lot of it is all complete nonsense.

There are a lot of ways we have connected virtually over the last 25 years or so with a lot of the focus now shifting to social media platforms. You see, I am not the biggest fan of social media, having opted almost 10 years ago to socially distance myself from most social media – limiting my use to Twitter and LinkedIn primarily for professional reasons. So, when ISA announced ISAConnect, the latest way to interact with other ISA members, I was torn.

In case you haven’t heard, ISAConnect just launched about a week ago. In fact, the whole website was completely refreshed. If you haven’t been to in a while, I encourage you to go check out all the changes. That is, after you are done reading this top notch blog.

“What is ISAConnect?” you might be asking (well if you weren’t, you definitely are now). ISAConnect is an exclusive online community for ISA members to network, learn, and get involved with the ISA, and in this time of working remotely and virtual meetings – a much needed resource to learn about the latest in automation. Here are just a few of the ISAConnect features as listed at  

  • Engage in technical discussions
  • Access technical knowledge available anytime, any place!
  • Tag and locate posts by industry topic
  • Enjoy personalized notifications based on your interests
  • Build your professional network
  • Search the Member Directory
  • Add peers as contacts
  • Connect with sections and divisions
  • Stay up-to-date on programs and activities
  • Discover opportunities to volunteer and get involved
  • Enhance your personal profile
  • Add your story, your interests, and your accolades
  • Build your volunteer and expert profiles to learn about and be matched with opportunities


Ok Cory, what is up with the sales pitch from a guy who isn’t “the biggest fan of social media”? Well, to be honest, I was not on board at first, but I have spent the past few days poking around and am excited for the possibilities. ISAConnect promises to be a safe online community focused on advancing our education of all things automation. ISAConnect will help connect our Section to new resources that we can share with the local automation community. I do encourage you to take ISAConnect for a quick test drive. I am sure you will see many of the benefits that I see in this exciting new tool from ISA.

For anyone interested, which should be everyone by now, there is a quick start guide here: ISAConnect Guide

Let’s ISAConnect Soon!


Cory N. Kniepp

ISA St. Louis - President

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