Nov. 2020 – The Results Are In! – ISA St. Louis Section

You heard me right, the results are final with all votes tallied.

No, no, no … not those results. After the required 2-week voting period, we are pleased to announce the acceptance of the proposed By-Laws. With a vote of 89% of the vote in favor, the new By-Laws are now in place.

Link to New By-Laws (log-on required):

As the one Board member who has now been through 2 of these, let me say that this task of updating By-Laws is no easy feat. This was my top priority coming into the President’s role again and am pleased that we were able to accomplish this change within the first several months. However, I am owed zero credit. Ed Biggs and Nick Erickson did the heavy lifting here. With support from Andrea and Rachel at the ISA, we were able to take work that Nick had been doing over the past 4 years and Ed had been doing over the past 2 to craft a document that we felt confident in carrying us forward. We are now in the process of informing the ISA of the official change.

Moving forward we will operate the structure of the board and committees as prescribed in the By-Laws. Our tasks and how we perform them will be defined in a new living document that allows for flexibility in our duties without breaking the structure of the organization. We will be spending time writing and refining this document throughout the rest of the Program Year.

I want to thank everyone who participate in our discussions, asked questions, and voted throughout this entire process. If you are interested in volunteering or sitting in on an upcoming Board meeting, please let us know. As a Section Member, your participation and enthusiasm are always welcome.

Please continue to stay in touch via ISAConnect and – we are in the process of planning our last program of calendar 2020 and our annual social event – Holiday Happy Hour (this year to be held virtually).


Cory N. Kniepp

ISA St. Louis Section, President

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